Subaru STI Perfomance Parts

You bought your Subaru STI for one reason, performance.  And rightfully so.  Out of the box the STI is just a great performing and handling machine.  But nothing can be one size fit’s all right from the factory.   Depending on your locale, driving style and driving demands, you may wish it had a little more go, a little more breaking or a different feel in the suspension.  What ever direction you want to take your Subaru STI, you can find a performance part to tweak you STI to fit you like a glove. Some mods are just cosmetic and usually fairly easy.  Adding a new air intake can be cosmetic and at the same time grab you a little extra HP.  Somethings may require a little more effort like a performance clutch or replacing a tired turbo, but you can get a nice return on your time.  If you like to drive your Subaru STI with “authority”, you will eventually need brakes, some of us sooner than later (the ones with the biggest grins).   What a great time to do a simple upgrade.  Ordering even basic service items like belts and filters online cannot only save you money but give you more time to enjoy your ride.  Whatever it takes, you can find it here and tune your Subaru STI to it’s ultimate state.

Air Intake


Drive Train




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Brake Pads412artmpmwl-_ac_us320_ql65_


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